Sábacat Julia

  • цвет:Chocolate Lynx Point, SBI b 21, Tabby
  • родившийся:2019-02-15
  • отец:WC Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi
  • мать:Blue Sky Doroty
  • Полный тест генетическое заболевание:Both parents are negative

Her father is World Champion Azzurro dei Baffi Buffi and her mother is our first Birman cat Blue Sky Doroty. She is the last kitten of Doroty,and She is the sister of Sábacat Betti, but from different litter. Her tabby (Lynx Point) color is even rarer in Chocolate combination.

Her catracter is very intresting for me. She is very activ, attentive and loves playing. Never She misses a „catch me if you can” game with children or our dogs. She is absolutely openminded. She is curious, She desperately wants to know everything. On the other hand She is very calm and relaxed. Even in a vet’s examination desk She looks bravely directly to my eyes and purs softly. We don’t need to keep her during vaccination or examination. She trusts in me without any condition, as She trusts in the vets too.

At the same time She is very sweet and soft She always needs our love. She sleeps while holding my armes into her two front paow.

She has a special energy I enjoy being close to her.

Few words from her real owner our 9 years old dauther:

Julia loves being among people. She is very curious and intrested in everything and everybody. She also wants to taste all kind of food. She is very clever and playful, skillful. She likes when we pet her or play with her. When I pet her gently she falls a sleap and while She is holding my clod. She likes jumping to the table when we having meal, and She is not disturbes when mami tells her to go down. She is not afraid of anything. She is allways under our feet while we are walking in the house, and she knows we will pet her even that too. The difference beetween Betti ( who is my cat too) and Julia is that Betti is more playful while Julia is more cuddly.