IC Saba Desdemona International Champion

  • цвет:Chocolate Point SBI b
  • родившийся:2018-03-18
  • отец:WC Moonlight Yenzo, Yoda
  • мать:IC Hiset Laty Mery
  • FELV, FIV анализ крови:Negativ,
  • PKD, HCM ультразвуковая эхография:2019.02. Negativ
  • Полный тест генетическое заболевание:Both parents were tested, negativ

She is from our own blood line. Her Dad World Champion Moonlight Yenzo, and her mom is International Champion Hiset Laty Mery. We are very proud of her and her sister Désirée. One of my best decision  was to keep them both for ourself 🙂  Desdemona just like stepped out from WCF  Birman standard. Her fur is extremely silky, her body, head, ears, roman nose are just perfect in my eyes – I hope judges in cat shows will agree with me. Of course It is very important for a breeder, but not the reason, why I love them so much! Both has such a good temper and character, which is special even amoung Birman cats. Desdemona is always ready to give and accept love. She is always with me, follows me everywhere, but never is in my way…. 🙂